Legal and other disclaimers

We make no legal, civil or proprietary claims on any word which visitors to this site may locally register in accordance with law or custom as a proprietory, business, trademark, legal, avatar, user- or domain name. The broadest possible interpretation of 'register' is intended. If you use this site to generate a word for commercial purposes and register it in your country or jurisdiction, we renounce any claim on such a word or word fragment except the right to continue generating the word on this site. "Parking" good domain names without using them in a timely fashion will get you the frowning of a lifetime but we can't stop it and we won't try to.

We are not responsible for any words misused or mischievously, illegally or wrongly used as a consequence of their generation on this site. CHECK THE WORD for meanings, possible meanings, and possible cross cultural and linguistic embarrassment BEFORE you register it and KNOW that you are responsible for checking, not us. Further, we accept no responsibility for the possible generation of any words which existed as legally registered or proprietary names prior to the site going live September 1 2012. Existing trade names may very possibly be generated as a consequence of how the site is set up, and should demonstrate its usefulness to users, not bad faith on our part.

Communications from legal entities and irate or confused individuals regarding site contents will be examined for their possible entertainment value, and they may, repeat may, be publicly and widely posted. Beware the Streisand Effect.

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