About The Thousand-Sided Dice

About the project

The Thousand-Sided Dice (a.k.a. KSide) was first conceived by Allegra Sloman, while daydreaming at work at the Canadian Mental Health Association (Ontario Division) in 1987. Although not a gamer, she was fascinated by the multisided dice of D&D. She combined this idea with word play, and then took the idea to her brother. He developed a prototype version, and most of the prefixes and suffixes and definitions were entered at that time.

Long years went by. After we moved into the same house in 2008 the project got a boost, and it is now in its web-based form thanks to Jeff's industriousness (Allegra said that, really).

The original version was written in C. You can download the original package if you really want to see it. Just make sure to press 'S' to disable sound, because the rolling sound is annoying.

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About Jeff Rivett

I've been working and playing with computers since the early 1980s. My father's Apple II+ consumed most of my waking hours for several years, during which I taught myself programming, developed and sold a game utility and wrote several articles for Computist magazine. Consulting gigs paid my way through university, where I refined my skills and graduated with a BSc in Computer Science. I enjoy repairing pinball machines and I run several game servers.

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